fbpx FAQ | Green Health


What are Green Health Activities?

Outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, gardening, walking football, arts and crafts, gentle movements and many more.


Is this evidence based?

Yes, spending time in nature has been shown to be good for physical, mental and social wellbeing through a large amount of research evidence.


Is this a substitution for medication?

No this is not a substitution for medication, but can be used complementary alongside already existing treatment to help physical, mental health and social wellbeing. It can also be used to help cope with inactivity during lockdown.


Which format does green prescribing come in?

Green Health Prescriptions are designed to match the red (medical) prescription. Prescriptions are available as paper-based, fillable digital pdf for i.e. phone consultations and printable VISION System template. We will soon be offering a printable EMUS template.


Does this cost me anything?

No this service is completely free. The Green Health Partnership provides prescription materials.


Who chooses the patient's activity?

This is a patient-centred approach. Through a consultation with our Green Health Development Officer we work together with the patient to find a suitable local activity. You can of course discuss preferred options with your patient and include these in the prescription.


Who delivers the groups?

We work together with local Third Sector partners such as Leisure and Culture, Ninewells Community Garden, Wellbeing Works (previously DAMH), SAMH, Dundee United Community Trust, Dundee Football Club Community Trust, Dighty Connect, Dudhope Therapy Garden and many more.


Is this part of social prescribing?

Yes this is part of social prescribing, covering the outdoors element. We do process onward referrals to statutory and third sector organisations if needed.


What is the benefit for my patients?

Free local activities which help patients take charge of their own health with the support they need.


Becoming a prescriber is easy. Just get in touch to arrange receipt of Green Health Prescription materials and start referring.