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Dundee Cycling Information

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This video would not have been possible without volunteers from Claverhouse Rotary Club, Thistle Cycling Club, Wheelers Cycling Club, Discovery Junior Cycling Club, Dundee University ISE Cycling Group, Belles on Bikes Tayside, Leisure and Culture Dundee, ReDiscover Dundee, Dundee International Women’s Centre, Dundee Cycling Forum and local people with their bikes. Find out more about these groups here.


The Dundee Cycle Map

Dundee Cycle Map is the most up to date guide to cycling in Dundee. It includes the Green Circular and Greenway routes. It recommends ways of getting across much of the city using quieter roads, cycle lanes and off road routes. 

Download the Dundee Cycle Map here - it's free!


Cycling Projects

Get involved in local cycling projects from cycling groups, fundraisers, volunteering to Dundee's eBike hire scheme as well as information about free cycling training. Find out everything you need to know here.


Where to cycle in Dundee

Whether you ride your bike to work, your BMX for fun, your trike to explore or your mountain bike to keep fit - everything you need to help find the perfect place to cycle in Dundee is here.


Cycling for health benefits

Cycling is good for us. Find out why here