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Biodiversity in Dundee
How To Grow Cacti From Seed | Dundee Flower & Food Festival Virtual Show 2020
Physical Activity - Why to do it and how to get going
Dr Tom Fardon, Physician in Respiratory and General Internal Medicine at NHS Tayside, on exercise and why being inactive and sedentary is so damaging to health.
Joe's garden programme - Green Health Week 2021
Dundee Climate Action Plan public briefing
Motivating and Sustaining Lifestyle Changes - Green Health Week 2021
ASMR Nature Sounds Clatto Reservoir
Blue Green Prescribing - Dundee Green Health Week

What does Green Health mean to you?

Abertay University experts in computer games design, sport and exercise, counselling, biology and environmental science share a conversation exploring green health from their personal and professional perspectives.


Let's make some stuff & get involved in citizen science!

The Wildlife Trust put some amazing resources together, have a look:

Make a bee hotel

Make a Hedgehog Home

Make a Bat Box

Make a Wild Patch

Attract Bumblebees

Attract Butterflies

Create a vertical garden

Make a Bird Feeder

How to compost

Make a Seedbomb

Build a Bug Mansion

Citizen Science Projects

Dundee Science Centre Activities

We've got a variety of activities for you. Learn about nature around us with our collect and investigate activities. Get active and see how exercise affects our body, before trying out some grounding techniques and taking a well-earned rest!

Active in Nature R1
Active in Nature R2
Activity Marbled Leafs
Activity Marbled Leafs 2
Activity Nature Boats
Colour Changing Flowers
Explore Flowers
Explore Flowers 2
Explore Materials
Explore Photosynthesis
Explore Trees
Grounded in Nature
Grounding Techniques