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Simons' Story

Simon struggled with a repetitive sedentary lifestyle and long drives to work which did not leave much time to socialise. Struggling with his weight and lack of energy he wanted to break up his daily routine and get fit so he joined walking football!


"I was the heaviest I'd ever been, and into my 60s,... it was work, home, work, home and I needed to do something different. Walking football has helped."


Sometimes many factors in your life can add-up and make you feel unwell.

You’re not alone.

Dealing with health conditions and a busy life can be frustrating and overwhelming, whether you have a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from loneliness or simply want to break up your routine with a bit of fun, spending time outdoors has been shown to improve your physical and mental health.

We can help you take charge of your own health and live a happier life by giving you access to the support you need.

By talking to our Green Health Information Hotline at DVVA, we can help you find an activity you enjoy and makes you feel better – for free.


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